Our Mold Removal Solution Won't Damage Your Property

See why Augusta, Maine residents call us first

You've got mold on your walls-now what? Before cutting holes in your drywall, turn to Natural Home Solutions for mold removal services. We'll spray the affected area using a proven mold remediation treatment. You'll be surprised by how effective this solution is.

Contact Natural Home Solutions today to take advantage of this service. If you don't live or do business near our home base, that's OK-our crew serves clients within 50 miles of Augusta, ME.

Mold Removal AUGUSTA, ME

You can count on us for effective mold remediation

Unlike other mold removal solutions, ours cause as little inconvenience as possible. Our services are:

  • Non-invasive: We won't leave your walls looking like Swiss cheese. We'll use a spray treatment from a Connecticut-based company called XSpor.
  • Safe: The products we use rely on naturally occurring enzymes instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Guaranteed: We offer two-year warranties. Should the mold return during that time, we'll spray your home or office again at no charge.

Call 207-242-3793 today to schedule mold remediation services in Augusta, Maine.